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Prema InfoTech and Research Consultancy Services provide optimal and robust digital solutions & services to grow your business and services.

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We provide optimal and robust solutions and services at affordable costs and services to make people’s life easier.

Software and Application Development

Prema InfoTech and Research Consultancy Services are the most reliable customized software development industries. It offers end-to-end solutions, from requirement collection to analysis, development, execution, testing, and maintenance, which assist our clients in achieving their milestones. We have designed large-scale a software products with reach experience in software development.

Software and Application Testing

Prema InfoTech and Research Consultancy Services offer to modularize the product's life cycle design and validate the same for fulfilling the specified quality criteria and client needs. Testing is a quality assessment process to ensure the developed product is capable of full the current need of clients. Our aim is to deliver robust and reliable products within a specific time and minimal cost.

Cloud Services

A cloud is a group of storage, network, and management process with scheduling policies to offer cloud services to IT, ITES, Education, and consumer services clients at a minimal cost. The cloud offers more reliable and user-friendly platform services with data accessibility and control to the concerned data owner.


Prema InfoTech and Research Consultancy Services provide customized alternatives for content management with individual query and content workflow technologies. It enables our customers to provide customers always and everywhere with the most appropriate and updated digital material. We assist customers to identify, implement, and incorporate teaching leadership alternatives.

Training and Placement Services

Prema InfoTech and Research Consultancy Services offer to explore and promote digital education and e-learning services in rural areas of Bihar. It provides a variety of value-added training that will help them advance both professionally and technologically.

E-governance Services

Prema InfoTech and Research Consultancy Services carry out an extensive assessment of the current manpower requirements and capacity for e-government in governmental institutions, identifying the gaps in human resources, advising the long-term strategies and policies for developing human resources, and designing programmes for putting the recommended strategies into practice.


E-Commerce has helped companies to build a greater business position by offering faster and more effective delivery outlets for their products or facilities. For instance, Mass Retailer Target has added online shopping that allows users to buy dresses, coffee making, and toothpaste to numbers from their brick-and-mortar businesses with the online store.

Tech Support & Services

Our support team has sufficient experience in customer handling, troubleshooting, and query escalations with patience. We are committed to offering a quality services for products or software maintenance services with a low budget and minimal time, which gives us more confidence to us for exploring our service.

Business Establishment Document Preparation Services

Prema InfoTech and Research Consultancy Services offer document preparation services to entrepreneurs to establish their new business unit or company registration. It provides services like business proposal writing, project report preparations, and unit registration forms or document assistance. Several types of services can be taken which are required for the business unit establishment or firm registrations.

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"To design and offer the most reliable and affordable IT solutions and Services to Make Easier to People Life !"

Prema InfoTech and Research Consultancy Services were founded by Gyan Prakash in 2020 to enable Information Technology solutions and services for rural areas people of Bihar who have 10+ Years of experience in Information Technology Sectors in various processes of SDLC models across India. The goal of this company is to provide digital services for our rural areas entrepreneurs and artists to reach their products globally for better revenue generation. Prema InfoTech and Research Consultancy Services are fully dedicated to working on rural areas people's problems and providing optimal digital solutions and services to make their life easier. It also empowers digital education and e-learning services among people to upgrade their skills and exposure to achieve their goals..
Gyan Prakash